Who wouldn’t want to watch the game of thrones season 5 episode 1 online streaming for free? It’s an epic show and this season is going to be huge. This article is for people all over the world that wonders if there’s some benefit on watching tv shows online.

I hope this article would be helpful to everybody in the world.

There are tons of Advantages you will benefit on turning your Monitor into TV.

Nowadays watching shows using computer is a normal habit of Humans.

Tons of people actually spend 3 – 4 hours of their day just watching tv shows.

Watching Shows like Game of Thrones on TV without even worrying about the time.

It is very convenient on using internet than Television.

Thousands of people actually suffers Geographic Limitations.

People moved from other Country, people whose living in another country that wants to watch shows in other country.

If you are living in United States you could just simply subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus.

But if you don’t want to spend you could simple use streamtuner.me or other similar sites.

I personally use streamtuner.me and i recommend it with everyone because they have a friendly environment.

if you seen that your tv show is not listed with their site. You could contact them or on their Facebook to make a request.

And they will happily put those shows on their site as long as they have a reliable source.



According to the studies spending so much time with Television is not good for our health.

I just want to pinpoint to everybody that watching tv shows online is not bad in our health as long as we can still control ourselves. I totally wished I could have watch game of thrones season 5 episode 1 online.

Therefore there are things to consider too by choosing which website you can use. On my end. I chose streamtuner.me as they’ve been service me for long time now. And they never gave me headache.

They’ve been updating they’re service daily, and the most likeable feature on their website is that you can chat with their admins to feel like you are really into it. If you encounter simple

Problems like your favorite tv show isn’t on their list. You can just contact on chat and you will surely get a reply as soon as possible. I tried several sites before and most of them has some problem but the most crucial on it is that you have no one to talk about this problem(There’s no way to contact them.)


Personal Experience:

I could give some websites that I’ve been using before.

  • Streamtuner.me
  • Projectfreetv.com
  • Primewire


So far streamtuner.me can do that job of the three so you doesn’t really need other sites.

I’ve been doing this since The Walking Dead Premiere, and every time the walking dead airs on United States. I could just watch the newest episode on their site.

I’ve been waiting now for the Game of Thrones as it’s the most anticipating tv show now.

BTW, before you proceed on streamtuner. Don’t forget to read the How To Watch guide to get unconfused on how it really works before asking them on the chat. Remember to watch the premier of game of thrones online.