The teeth are vulnerable to disease and complications since everyday they are exposed to food particles and bacteria. Whereas the food particles can slowly cause cavities after accumulating and decaying, bacteria are mostly attributed to common teeth diseases. Although, ensuring teeth hygiene by consistently brushing is recommended, it is not a guarantee that the teeth are in perfect shape. Therefore, it is further advised to visit a dentist at least once every 6 months in order to ensure a thorough check up and cleaning. Other common diseases that are attributed to gum infection, teeth cavities and removal also require immediate attention from a qualified dentist.

Teeth decay affects majority of people who live in Australia without even knowing it, until that moment when a cavity appears and they experience intense toothache. Other complications that are often ignored include halitosis, gum disease, canker sores and sensitive teeth. However, prevention is better than cure thus a visit to the dentist is crucial plus it cuts on the cost significantly. Further, an ignored teeth or gum problem can cause the bacteria to spread to the blood stream and later it can progress to affect body organs. In case of a gum or teeth problem, the dentist can perform deep cleaning whereas surgery may be required if the disease has advanced to the bones.

Fortunately, there are lots of dentist in the Melbourne suburb of Carrum downs. Regardless, checking the verification of the dentist is of utmost importance in order to prevent any inconvenience. It should be noted that every dentist within the country should be an official member of the Australian Dental Association and must have documents to prove that he/she is licensed to practice in Melbourne. Such dentists must hold a bachelor degree in Dental Surgery or Dental Science from relevant institutions. Additionally, the dentists must adhere to a code of conduct as described by the Dental Board. Those who have other qualifications must pass an examination regulated by the Australian Dental Council.

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