A whiteboard animation is created with a creative storyboard combined with a storyboard with pictures drawn on a wall whiteboard that looks like something a real artist has done by hand. Essentially the term doodle video originates from the actual process of an artist scribing on a whiteboard and recording it with a video camera and then speeding up the time to make it more engaging. Whiteboard animations are typically seen on video marketing channels such as YouTube. Whiteboard animations are extremely viral and as such a great choice for business owners looking to generate support for their product or service. So much so that the first 15 RSA animate videos have gained over 50 million views to date setting the RSA channel as the number of one not for profit organisation channel on YouTube globally.

Go animate is the most common platform used to render and distribute these animation videos .not only does it allow for narrative videos but also for characters to lip sync and move around buildings. They offer a limited level of services for free and have millions of subscribers. Another choice if you’re looking for a whiteboard animation is to contact doodle videos.com. This company specialises in creating engaging, interesting and exciting doodle videos and is voted the number one whiteboard animation company.